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Carlos Obando

Co-founder & CTO

Mobile Software

Hugo Jacome

Co-founder & CEO

Artificial Intelligence


Pamela Correa

Educational Inclusion

Accessibility & Education

Diana Ceron

Blind Product Design


Erick Ponce

Deaf Product Design

Corporate Identity

Gustavo Jacome

General Counsel

Legal Affairs

We are Engineers and Artists


Since its creation, Talov has been committed to the cause of making technology more accessible to the differently abled. The brand’s laser focus on perfection makes it possible for them to think of the smallest of details in the design and implementation of groundbreaking technology.


To become a pioneer and to lead the field of inclusive technology by developing highly sophisticated and functional products and services.


Create all-inclusive technologies that serve the entire humanity and break down the barriers in order to integrate the differently abled into a better world.

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