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Designed for deaf people.

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SpeakLiz is a powerful Artificial Intelligence communication tool, it has been designed as a complete solution for the worldwide deaf community. Think of it as the next step in the evolution of Sign Language.


While the sign language allows the deaf to communicate with only those who understand it, SpeakLiz allows them to communicate more efficiently and fluidly with just about everyone.

We created it thinking in breaking barriers and have a better society, with more equality.

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Sign Language Recognition

The Sign Language Recognition feature transforms classic sign language* into a modern form of communication, by converting it into voice and text in real time just with the phone camera.

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*American Sign Language (ASL), French Sign Language (FSL), German Sign Language (GSL), Japanese Sign Language (JSL) available.

Sound Recognition: The app can hear for you, and alert about more than 300 different types of sounds around; such as emergencies, human voices, music, animals, vehicles, and many more! You can also activate the emergency sounds feature to receive push notifications in background.

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The Listening feature allows deaf users to “read” what other people are saying. SpeakLiz understands +35 languages in human voice.
When a person speaks to a SpeakLiz user, their voice is converted into the text format in realtime. The user can read what is being said and respond accordingly. The deaf user can now perform daily activities without any impairment.

Compatible with Bluetooth microphones.

SpeakLiz changing lifes

Erick Ponce works at Imbabura Province Government (Ecuador) and uses SpeakLiz to communicate with everyone.

The Speaking is the opposite process to listening. Using this feature, a deaf user can type their thoughts. The text can then be converted into speech with the press of a button (emoticons included). The language for the speech can be chosen from the +35 language options offered by the software.

Compatible with Bluetooth speakers.

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Subscription Plans

USD 4.99 / Month

USD 39.99 / Year

30 days free trial

USD 89.99 / Lifetime

Unlimited access for ever

14 days free trial

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