Designed for blind people.

Vision uses Artificial Intelligence in real time to identify objects, money, colors, approximate distances, read text and more; all through your phone's camera.


It's optimized for working with VoiceOver in 35 languages.

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No more confusion with money bills...

Vision can identify many currencies around the world.


You can read what you want...

Phone will detect text written in your device language and will read it for you.


Vision allow you to identify lot of objects and even know their approximate distance. 


Phone will identify color by taking a photo, or from your camera roll images.


Find places of your interest in the search bar and phone will help you for navigate to them. This feature requires Internet*. 


To verify navigation availability in your country please visit:

All in just one app

Subscription Plans

USD 4.99 / Month

USD 39.99 / Year

7 days free trial

USD 149.99 / Lifetime

Unlimited access for ever

3 days free trial

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Newark (Delaware) - USA


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